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This deviation was deleted

1. Lens correction:
a) perspective - look at the edges of buildings,
b) distortion - but I am not sure, maybe when you will improve perspective, will be OK. Try:)
c) vignette - at the sky could be, but now it is very uneven.
2. Colours are great, one building is white. But I am thinking about contrast - maybe a little bit more could be OK, because there is problem with deep black - I can not find it (my monitor is OK:) But do not overdo it!
3. Crop - could be better if you will cut ~0,5cm from base to remove roofs from corners. Or maybe much hire to show only the highest buildings to emphasize the fog? Maybe the best could be to show more buildings with streets. Or only this buildings at the corners.
It is my opinion, if you like to hear:) I think that panorama could be great from that place.

Generally, it is very nice photo! But you should improve perspective, it is the most important thing now.

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33xiT Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Good critique.
The problem about cropping is that when you crop, there will still be a rooftop close to the edge, it's NYC... unless making a vertical panoramic, it's almsot impossible to have a perfect roof-cropping :p
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